1. Retrieve the Old Value of an Attribute in the View Object.
  2. Two Ways to Evaluate a Memory Scope Attribute Using Expression Language.
  3. Create a Backing Bean for Existing Page.
  4. How to Disable Specific Dates in af:inputDate Component.
  5. Application Development Framework Implementation specialist.
  6. 2012 in review.
  7. How to Solve oracle.jbo.ConfigException: JBO-33001.
  8. Simple way to convert af:inputText to upperCase,lowerCase,capitalize.
  9. How to convert StackTrace to String.
  10. Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 11g Release 1 (
  11. Oracle Cloud Computing Jordan Conference.
  12. How to make some LOV items non-selectable.
  13. How to pass parameters to a string defined in the resource bundle.
  14. 2011 in review.
  15. Using comma separated string as a bind variable for SQL query with IN clause.
  16. Access an Instance of a Managed Bean from another Managed Bean.
  17. Achieved…..
  18. How to show multi-lines af:message.
  19. How to show af:message programatically.
  20. Control row updatability – part 2.
  21. Control row updatability – part 1.
  22. How to control the location of the new row in af:table.
  23. How to use discriminator columns.
  24. What is Change Indicator Property.
  25. Differences between Pessimistic and Optimistic Locking.
  26. Display row number in af:table.
  27. How to Create a Custom JSF Validator.
  28. Add business rule in the setter method of an entity attribute.
  29. How to Implement many to many association.
  30. Invoke button’s action programatically in JSF using Java.
  31. Recover deleted rows without using rollback.
  32. Internationalize LOV using switcher.
  33. Refresh part of the page periodically using poll component.
  34. Cascade Lists of Values.
  35. Reading the selected value of a select list in Java.
  36. Set an attribute’s default value with a sequence number.

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